Dalio Foundation

Philosophy Statement

The Dalio Foundation was founded in 2003 as a family foundation led by Ray and Barbara Dalio, and their four sons. The Foundation giving is intended to support the diverse philanthropic passions of each family member. It supports organizations at all levels of development, from start-ups in need of seed capital to well-established institutions that can bring big and/or novel ideas to fruition.

Dalio Foundation Areas of Interest

Ray believes that the world’s oceans are the largest, most important and least well-supported natural resource; he is excited by them. He believes that he can “move the needle” in helping the oceans by supporting scientists’ exploration of them and media which heighten public interest in the oceans and exploration.

Ray and Barbara both believe deeply that equal opportunity is essential for a healthy society. Barbara is focused on ensuring that Connecticut public schools, districts, and educators enable students to achieve their full potential. She works full-time with her team to collaborate with, learn from, and support students, parents, educators, leaders, and community organizations in building a reality where all students – regardless of income or life circumstance – have an equal opportunity to attain a great education.

In addition, Ray, Barbara and other family members support a wide range of other interests, including social enterprises, medical research with a special focus on the heart and mind, brain science, meditation, and music heritage with an emphasis on jazz and blues.

While what the Foundation will support is diverse, the criteria for selection are clearly specified and strictly adhered to. Proposals are brought to the board by directors and vetted by the professional staff and outside experts who provide their recommendations to the board, which makes decisions as a committee. The Foundation does not accept unsolicited donation requests or proposals due to the volume.